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✔️ Learn which camera to buy and how to properly use manual mode.

✔️ Learn how I use natural lighting to produce great images.

✔️ Learn my entire ten-step editing workflow from beginning to end.

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What will I learn in this training?

Secret #1: Composition

Learn seven compositional tricks that professionals use in their work.

Secret #2: Lens & Perspective

Learn which focal length to use and when.

Secret #3.1: Artificial Lighting

Learn some of the best lighting techniques used to create different types of shots.

Secret #3.2: Natural Lighting

Learn how professionals incorporate natural lighting into their work.

Secret #4: Focus

Learn how to keep your subject in focus in any situation.

Secret #5: White Balance

Learn how to manipulate white balance to create professional pictures.

Secret #6: Emotion

Learn how to capture emotion and edit your pictures to tell a story.

Secret #7: Workflow

Learn my ten-step professional workflow that will save you hours of time.