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Succeeding in photography, video production, or content creation of any kind takes an incredible amount of hard work and commitment. I have dedicated my life and my entire career to this vocation – working full-time as a corporate media producer, running my own photography business, obtaining a master’s degree in media production, and building this entire photography course on my own.

I cannot guarantee you will be willing to put in the same amount of work. Again, I have worked extremely hard to achieve my results, and cannot guarantee you will have similar success.

Factors that may influence your success can include, but are not limited to: your background, experience, and work ethic.

Speedy Photographer is designed to share some of my most valuable insights and to help you to learn faster, avoiding some of the same mistakes that I made. It is also designed to guide you through the challenging process of learning photography, video production, and starting a photography or video production business. As stated by law, I absolutely CAN NOT and DO NOT make any guarantees about your own ability to achieve the same results and earn any money using Speedy Photographer or any of my ideas, information, or strategies.

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