The Truth: Why is Everybody an Affiliate for Topaz AI?

Jun 05, 2024

If you're a content creator with an Instagram account, you've likely seen a flood of advertisements promoting Topaz AI affiliate codes. Why is everybody an affiliate for Topaz AI? Here's the breakdown of the truth behind this phenomenon.


The Affiliate Program

Topaz Labs, the company behind the Topaz AI suite, offers one of the most generous affiliate programs available. Affiliates earn a 20% commission on each sale. For instance, purchasing Topaz Photo AI at $199 results in a $39.80 commission, and buying Topaz Video AI at $299 earns $59.80.


The Software Quality

The affiliate program's success is only part of the story. The other half is the software itself, which is highly effective and valuable for photographers and video content creators. Topaz AI offers powerful tools that are used regularly by professionals. Here are four standout features:


Frame Interpolation in Video AI

Video AI's frame interpolation feature allows for slowing down clips beyond their original frame rate by generating new frames. This capability provides seamless slow-motion effects without the artifacting seen in other tools like Twixtor Pro or Optical Flow.


Denoise Functionality in Photo AI

Photo AI's denoise functionality excels at restoring pictures shot at high ISOs, retaining detail in both highlights and shadows. This is particularly useful for action shots taken in low light, surpassing the capabilities of traditional noise reduction tools in Lightroom.


Sharpening Functionality in Photo AI

Photo AI also offers impressive sharpening capabilities, recovering detail in slightly out-of-focus images. This feature ensures that photos intended for high-resolution prints maintain a sharp, professional quality without the cumbersome processes required by other tools.


Upscaling Functionality in Video AI

The upscaling functionality in Video AI enhances low-resolution footage to near-4K quality. This feature is invaluable for long-form interviews or projects shot in lower resolutions due to technical constraints. The results are almost indistinguishable from true 4K footage, offering new possibilities for content creators.



The combination of a high-paying affiliate program and top-tier software quality explains why so many content creators promote Topaz AI. The tools provided by Topaz AI are not just hyped but genuinely game-changing for photographers and videographers. By using these tools, content creators can significantly enhance their work while earning a substantial income through the affiliate program.

If convinced of the value of Topaz AI, consider supporting content creators by using their affiliate links. This helps them continue producing valuable tutorials and content.

For any questions or further insights, feel free to reach out. The world of content creation is ever-evolving, and tools like Topaz AI are paving the way for new possibilities.

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